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NexDome Slaving to iEQ mount issues

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I am trying to setup my automated dome with NexDome and iOptron CEM60EC Mount (iEQ Driver).  The mount and dome work great on their own, I can command them to go where I want.  (I am running NexDome firmware 4.0).  When I try to slave the dome to the mount, it seems to work and the dome moves but then after mount / dome stop moving the dome starts up and begins moving again and it seems to always be this 319.5 deg position.  After it gets there it will then go back to where it was previously (where the scope was).  This continues indefinatly until I restart the indiserver application on my Linux Machine.   If I try to abort the move it will stop that move but will continue in its ping pong a few seconds later.  If I try to cmd it to move some where else it will say it can't do that until the previous move is complete.  

I am not sure what is going on...is this some driver / firmware issue or a INDI driver issue?  I have tried INDI 1.9.0 as well as my previous version INDI 1.8.6 and both seemed to have the same issues.  I poked through the NexDome driver but couldn't see anything that would cause this, to me it's like maybe it thinks it should be at some Az but the Az doesn't match the Az of the mount so then it moves again, but I don't get why it always is 319.5.  Any help / ideas would be great!
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