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Meridian Flip values

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Meridian Flip values was created by Rene

Firstly, apologies for the basic question. It's been 2 years since I last did AP and I'm slowly relearning everything. Last night I did some imaging with an AZEQ6 on my newly installed pier. I configured the meridian flip in Ekos and set it to flip when HA >5 degrees. I was about to go to bed when I started to doubt myself. I was worried the value may not be correct and the OTA would impact with the pier.

So, I was wondering if anyone in the community could point me in the right direction for the value that should be input for a meridian flip, or should I do some testing in the daytime to find the best value.

Thanks in advance.

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Replied by Euripides on topic Meridian Flip values

Hi Rene,

I could say that daytime test is necessary if you want to avoid unexpected behavior.

You could take a look on this documentation
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