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Kstars with non-indi server mode possible?

2 weeks 6 days ago 2 weeks 6 days ago by mpfjr.
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Kstars with non-indi server mode possible? #45265
I am messing around with Voyager and they allow a few options for Planetariums. CdC, HALLO Northern Sky, and The Sky 6 & X. Those three have a "server" with local host, ports and all that jazz.

As a result, Voyager can talk to them and get things like current coordinates and whatever else an imaging platform needs from a planetarium.

Obviously Kstars works with Indi since it was purpose built for that. Since Kstars is also a windows planetarium I suggest that if there is any way to make it more popular this might be a way to do so. Eg, add the ability of windows programs to communicate with it.


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