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INDI Library v1.7.9 is mostly a maintenance release to fix a few bugs in several drivers.

digital loggers web powered switch?

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digital loggers web powered switch? was created by Ron Kramer

Is there support for or any place to add the control of this switch unit in Kstars? As is now - I have to go to its IP address and login with Pw... it will time out after a while and the process has to be repeated at power down time.
It would be really cool if Kstars/Ekos included the control of this unit?

It's the one thing is that is outside of the integrated package which is what I really like about the Kstars/Ekos system.


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Replied by TallFurryMan on topic Re:digital loggers web powered switch?

If you want to play with the startup/shtudown scripts in Ekos Scheduler, create two script files on the computer that is running Ekos, use one of the methods listed at www.digital-loggers.com/rest.html to turn on and off your setup, make those scripts executable and configure them at the bottom of the scheduler. Well, of course, your setup might need tweaks but that's the idea :)

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