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INDI Library v1.8.0 is mostly a maintenance release to fix a few bugs in several drivers.

GPS time behavior

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GPS time behavior was created by Vox45

Hello all,

I just bought a DIYMall Vk-172 VK GPS dongle and I noticed something odd. In the EQmount tab/site management the UTC time is updated once at connection, but then it stops updating itself. Unlike the Julian date and local sideral time. The system is properly set to the correct time.

Is this expected ? working as designed ?

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Replied by Vox45 on topic GPS time behavior

Update on this

I did not notice that in the GPS tab there is a REFRESH button and a REFRESH parameter (in seconds) that can be set. I have to say that pressing the REFRESH button did not do anything, but entering a value in REFRESH did update the time in the UTC time field.

Now I have two observations:

(1) the default REFRESH parameter is set to zero. But in the mount tab it says "Kstar and mount time are now synched to the GPS driver" so if we do not poll the time (refresh default to zero) where does the mount synch its time from since the GPS driver does not update its time in Ekos ? If it does synch to the GPS driver, why do we need a refresh interval ?

(2) second thing I noticed: I changed the polling interval to 10 seconds and a funny thing happened. The LAT and LON where correct (but updated slightly differently after each poll, not an issue). But the altitude went from -2 meters to 104 meters incrementing after each refresh by about 1 meter... Looks like a bug. Anyone has the same behavior ?

Here are 2 screen shots to illustrate what I am talking about.

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