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Solver not working under Raspi4 build of stellarmate

2 weeks 1 day ago
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Solver not working under Raspi4 build of stellarmate #45476
I am making the transition from Stellarmate/Raspi3 (which has been nothing short of amazing!) to Raspi4. So far guiding, focusing and imaging are working very well. However, tonight was the first time I attempted to use plate solving with the Raspi4 build. This has performed superbly with the Raspi 3 both in online and offline modes but NOT at all with the Raspi4. So - is this a known issue? Solver hangs - it does not seem to complete the first iteration. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

On an unrelated note I was blown away by how well the Raspi3 and hotspot mode worked last week. Under very chilly conditions (-15C) and operating from within a metal walled building 60 feet from the mount I was still able to use the Raspi3 in hotspot mode. This was an unexpected surprise!

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