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Telescope simulators: JNow vs J2000

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Telescope simulators: JNow vs J2000 #37612
Hi all,

I have been trying to test out some moderately complex scenario with the telescope simulator recently. It appeared that the telescope simulator only accepts EQUATORIAL_EOD_COORD (JNow) as a number for both RA and DEC and for both sending and receiving.
I tried sending/receiving EQUATORIAL_COORD (J2000) number on telescope simulator device without success.

I found out about this behaviour in this thread: indilib.org/forum/general/4989-telescope...-and-astrometry.html
This can be sort of a problem, especially when interacting with astrometry, because astrometry.net returns everything in J2000 equinox it seems, so there is a discrepancy between coordinates sent to the mount, and actual coordinates written in the fits header, written by the camera simulator.

I understand that this is the default behaviour because it eases the telescope red pointer representation in Kstars, but it would be very nice to have a switch to change the JNOW/J2000, as it is possible to do with the losmandy gemini2 apparently: www.losmandy.com/losmandygoto/gemini_manual_l4.pdf
I did not check wether this is implemented in the gemini2 indi driver, but I will try to test that soon.

Thank you for your help

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