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Preemptive corrections on tracking speed based on astrometric solution

3 weeks 14 hours ago
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Preemptive corrections on tracking speed based on astrometric solution #42741
While yesterday fighting with the drift of my mount I got this idea

In cases like mine, the main issue with astrophoto is not really the periodic error, but the non perfect polar alignment, particularly since I don't have access to the polar star region and I am not so sure I want to waste time doing slow iterative methods like drift alignment or DARV.

However, just correcting the order 0, linear, drift (hence ignoring completely field rotation within subs) might be enough for my application. I could imagine something like astrometry running in the background for the last couple of pictures, estimate the drift and distribute guiding pulses or az/dec corrections within the next exposure so that we have some kind of fake guiding to correct such drift in small steps. Would it be doable?

Set 1 -> AZ GTi, redcat51+Canon 6D, guide: 30mm+ZWO ASI 120MM.
Set 2 -> Star Adventurer, lenses+Canon 6D
Set 3 -> NEQ6, LX90-8' OTA/MN150 + 450D peltier, guide: 50mm+QHY5.

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