giorgio created a new topic ' LLM driven INDI sessions' in the forum. 3 months ago

This could be a long shot but there's no harm in aiming to the stars right?

Would it be possible to create an interface between a Large Language Model (LLM) and INDI driven equipment? Imagine of a system fully configured under EKOS and KStars that is driven by an LLM interface instead of a lame clueless operator clicking away through windows, menus and radio buttons as we do today.

I'm thinking of a situation where I could simply ask to my local stand-alone LLM: "Tonight, provided the meteo allows it, slew to M101 as soon as it becomes visible over the horizon of my garden and take a series of 20 light frames of 180 seconds each in LRGB. When you're done park the scope and close the observatory".

If possible, this could just be the tip of an automation iceberg, how crazy is it? I have the feeling that INDI already has most if not all the tools to cater for such a thing... What do you think?