Iain created a new topic ' Running guider as part of indi rather than in ekos' in the forum. 4 years ago

I've already setup a Raspberry PI with lin_guider to guide my Vixen GP mount (20 years old and going strong). This looks to work well, although I need to tweak the PID constants a bit. I like the look of indi / ekos as a way to further integrate control, and I have the guide camera (ASI1034) working on the pi talking back to ekos on my laptop.

BUT it appears that the guide module runs within ekos rather than as an indi device. As I don't want to have to ship the images back over wifi from the pi on the mount, what would I have to do to run the guiding on the pi?

I'm intending running the camera from either the same or another pi (depending on how heavy a load the guiding task is) as well.

If you want to see what I have so far done with lin-guider, I've stuck it my blog here.