Tried to use PI Zero so slightly better than the PI you are using - findings

1. Zero with GUI and mount control plus DSLR using Ekos runs but very very very slow.

2. Zero with NO GUI and just running Indiserver to control the above but with everything else (Ekos or whatever) running on another device (old Vista Laptop) ran better but as Zero (default) has only WiFi it wasn't very reliable.

3. Zero as (2) but just used to control mount and Long USB cable to camera it was fine but again Wifi not reliable.

So I guess in short if you want everything "yesterday" then the answer is no chance, if you can put up with slow response but relying on WiFi then (2) will work depending on your camera/resolution etc.

But there again if you have no other option and are bored during lockdown (whereever you are) try it out - at least its something to do (and learn) :-)