I know that others have had success running the Ekos focus module with other Canons (e.g. the 650D). There is apparently a camera-menu setting to select the button on the rear of the camera to do AF instead of the shutter button, it won't work without that. Other than that, sorry, can't be much help.

The way this works is to give INDI control of the focus in/out, and then the Ekos focus module runs it. That module is of course purpose-built to focus stars on a dark background via the half-flux radius (HFR) metric; the camera's built-in focus software isn't intended for astro and is hopelessly incapable.

Sorry that I don't know much more about it than that.

As for platforms, I have run on Mac OS a bit and extensively on a Pi 3B and 4B with StellarMate OS; offhand I don't recall what distro Jasem bases SM on, it used to be Ubuntu but it's one of the Debian ones now (much better overall). StellarMate OS will cost you $50 but is usually quite stable and well-maintained, along with direct support from the vendor. It also offers a mobile-device app in the same vein as ASIAir's. I have had the occasional hang or crash on all platforms, as with just about any software that talks to hardware. But on the Pi 4B running StellarMate OS, that happens only occasionally, and usually when I'm doing something like repeatedly pausing, stopping, and restarting a running sequence.

I really like running it on the Pi because:
* There isn't a cable from my computer to the scope
* The Pi sips power, so can easily run all night off the same battery powering my mount and camera
* I can mount the Pi on either the scope or the tripod
* I can use a laptop, tablet, or phone to run the interface, and if one runs out of battery I can just pick up the next one without interrupting the session
* Connecting is very flexible -- the Pi will connect to my home wifi, an Ethernet cable, or put up a hotspot when I'm in the field

This pretty much ticks all the boxes for me. I found StellarMate OS to be much simpler to set up and get running right out of the box, so the $50 was well worth it to me, especially given the regular updates and new features that appear on the platform promptly when they're put into Ekos.

Setting up to boot the Pi off a USB 3.0 SSD drive (StellarMate has a utility for this) significantly improved performance, well worth doing IMO.