Apologies for the long updates. Real life things I don't want to go into here.

There was a pull request which may help some cases regarding reporting status on V4

Right now testing my own-goto it's working well with git versions of Kstars.

I did discover an odd bug related to meridian flips on altaz: It would keep trying to do them, but in my branch I've removed the capability being reported by default and while it can trigger it only seems to once. Working on a patch to add detection to Kstars. Now the branch only reports if it's non altaz. Which seems to make it only do it once.

Right now I'm 2/6 through testing (working on 3/6) v3/4/5 EQ/Altaz before I make a pull request. Unfortunately power is out so the branch is not up to date right now. (Will probably see about X, but I don't think I have a near current pull) so far it and Kstars are working well, but Kstars still sometimes considers slew complete immediately. Fortunately it handles it ok now.  (Mind I've got updates at something like 25ms to try to reproduce that.) Earlier Kstars did not handle that well.

I would like to get this merged before 1.9.2, if possible given the fixes. Not sure when @knro plans to release that (I would imagine very soon.) So if people can test it asap when I post next, I would massively appreciate it. If not, that's fine.