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Thank you very much for these informations. They are very valuable to me, and will help for sure to start this adventure with the right structure.

The radiosim and rtl-sdr example bring good informations also.

Thank you very much.

Of course this project is not for the repo, one need the correct hardware to use it, so it will be given to anyone who will ask for it.

I shall post other questions if I find any problem, it's often easier with someone who already knows the system.



Patrick created a new topic ' New at Indi' in the forum. 4 months ago

Hi all,

I belong to a group of enthusiasts who aim to restore a 10m parabolic dish. We choose INDI for the range of clients we could use to control the dish.
Our first concern is to write an Indi driver for the mount with our specific hardware.

My first question is to put this new driver at the right place so we can write the driver in good condition.
I found that the 'indi/libindi/drivers/' would be a good place, but instead of adding the new driver to the rotator or telescope directories, I choose to add a new directory called LaVillette. Is this a good choice, or should it be placed elswere ?

Second, I have no practice in the compile process, so how could this new driver be included in the 'cmake' system ?

Thank you for your help.



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