Gilles Gagnon replied to the topic 'INDI & Arduino' in the forum. 3 months ago

Hi Tom,

I just started following this post recently and found out that I could replace the python based "Dome Scripting Gateway" that I use with my "roll-off' with your rolloffino based driver.

My small, remote observatory uses a split roof on rails driven by linear actuators. To either open or close the roof, I need to activate two relays, one for direction that reverses the actuator polarity and the other to provide power. As your Arduino code uses one relay per roof function (one for opening, one for closing), I wonder if you would have any suggestions to implement two relays functions. I could modify the Arduino code so much to make it specific for my need but I ideally want to keep the code structure intact except for the specifics needed for my application.

Thanks for any help,