My last three clear nights have been cut short while I slept by what appear to be random crashes of KStars 3.5.4 on ubuntu 20.04.2 LTS (miniPC not Pi).

I know that there's a bunch of detective work that's possible for random crashes, involving running in the debugger and analyzing logs.

I also know that my crashes don't involve the FITS viewer, which I've disabled.

Maybe I will embark on the detective game, but wow. This is dispiriting. Everything appears to be running really well and then out of nowhere POW. No more KStars.

I wake up in the morning with all the equipment on and the mount tracking and nobody home to collect the data. Over and over.



Not just the scheduler but also the camera module works this way: double click something, change something else, click a check mark, then save to a file.

It's not intuitive. It's one of those software-trains-the-user features. But once the user has been trained (and punished sufficiently for forgetfulness!), it works very well.


I don't have SM, just a "regular" Pi4 running Kstars under ubuntu. 3A is fine for me, as my other equipment is powered from a separate 12v source.

Does SM need more than 3A?


Another vote for a network share.

I share a directory I call NEW.CAPTURES from my desktop machine inside to /NEW.CAPTURES on the pi. Ekos saves all my FITS files in there, so they're all ready for PixInsight on the fast desktop machine.

Pretty easy to set up and very reliable.


To install NoMachine on your miniPC,

1) download the package from
I don't know exactly what OS you've installed but I'll assume it's ubuntu on a 64-bit CPU
In that case you'd download "NoMachine for Linux DEB amd64"

2) Put the DEB file on your miniPC.
cd to that directory and type "dpkg -I nomachine_7.6.2_4_amd64.deb"

3) Install the software on the machine you want to use as a client (the one indoors, with a monitor)
Again I don't know what OS you use indoors, but you can install for Win, Mac, linux, iOS, or Android here:

4) Start the client program on your desktop doors. Click "Connection" and choose the miniPC

Let me know if you have trouble!


I use NoMachine instead. It's free, it has clients for Windows, Mac, linux, Pi, etc. And it works great.