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Hi Rob. thanks, but I've still do this... but when I'm using SM, I don't have internet.
So I try to figure out why plate solving has not worked yesterday.
The idea is to solve this with YOUR stellarmate :
Ekos -> one profil -> align -> load & resolv

It works in my house with a new frsh kstars, so I think Plate solving was not good because history/model was not resetted.


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Hi all :)
I was on a demo yesterday... and SM hangs at each plate solving. ONE time... one time it successed. I've tried everything, astap, changing evrything, gain, duration...
Here are the fits image :
does someone can try with his SM ? To see if it hangs ?
Ekos -> simulator -> align -> load & resolv


Hi all !

I'm having trouble with merdidian flip with EQMOD driver : sometimes it doesn't work.

I would like to debug it. Is there a way to have logs ? Where can I find them  ?

Here is my configuration :
On laptop : Kstars 3.4.1 and phd2
On odroid : indiserver :
odroid@NAFABoxnafabox:~$ indiserver -v
2021-04-14T06:18:20: startup: indiserver -v  
Usage: indiserver [options] driver [driver ...]
Purpose: server for local and remote INDI drivers
INDI Library: 1.8.9
Code 1.8.9-tgz. Protocol 1.7.

Sometime it works all night, sometimes meridian flip is not made. i'm looking for why.

Hardware :
newton 200/800 on a atlas EQ-G (EQ6 clone) , with atik 46EX, ati EFW, atik Titan on a OAG




mount3D demo :

Nothing of what I've tried have worked...


HI Guys !

My observatory is a little house... too little for my new autoguiding setup...nit's a few cm issue... I can't handle for the moment. (I have to use it as it is...)

I'm parked with optical tube at E (i'm in Northern hemisphere) and counterweight at W.

I want to shoot a target that is NE. So... when I'm doing this automatically... tube begin to slew and wanna make a near 90 ° tour. (tube is parked at E, and I want a NE target, so I think it wants a W oriented tube)

Is there a possibility to tell the driver : go -20° (tube at E, counterweight above horizontal) instead of slewing tube at W ? (and this avoid meridian flip in my case)

Thanks... It's not very simple to describe... sorry ;)
What I want :

What Driver want :


Hi all,

on a odroid, fresh update on nightly build :
odroid@NAFABox:~$ indiserver -vv indi_eqmod_telescope
2020-03-31T15:45:12: startup: indiserver -vv indi_eqmod_telescope
2020-03-31T15:45:12: Driver indi_eqmod_telescope: pid=4359 rfd=3 wfd=6 efd=7
2020-03-31T15:45:12: listening to port 7624 on fd 4
2020-03-31T15:45:12: Driver indi_eqmod_telescope: sending <getProperties version='1.7'/>

2020-03-31T15:45:12: Driver indi_eqmod_telescope: indi_eqmod_telescope: symbol lookup error: indi_eqmod_telescope: undefined symbol: tty_set_skywatcher_udp_format
2020-03-31T15:45:12: Driver indi_eqmod_telescope: stderr EOF

I've tried it on my laptop too (amd64) it crashes too.

Any idea ?


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Hi guys... can't point a planet.
-> select a planet in kstars
-> riht click -> eqmount -> track
-> in ekos : do a resolution (works well...)

no planets...
I've checked : date, position on earth...

any clue ??


Thanks a lot, changing baud rates did the trick !!!


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If you are looking for a good photo here... you will be disapointed...
Here is the only picture I shoot of comet...

But I make spectrum... So here is comet C/2018 Y1 Iwamoto spectrum :

Fully linux made : EKOS for acquisition, PHD2 for autoguiding and SPCAUDACE for treatment


I have some issue I think related... (or not ;) )
My emodmod mount (NEQ5) works well alone
My focuser "arduino" works well alone

Together, ( I have done some symlinks with udev too) -> it's a mess... sometimes it's working, sometimes not...

For the moment, it's connected to a raspberry pi3. I will try to a PC... in order to know if it's a "linux" issue (kernel/usb stack) or a raspi Usb HW issue...


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Hi all !!

I wonder if there is a way to add "tags" with data tables ?

I'm doing spectrometry, so I choose some targets from a file (target to study or reference target).

Is there a way to add in a script 100-1000 objets to kstars ? In order to let them appear on kstars's sky ? (a little red dot for exemple)



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Hi guys,

I'm wondering if everybody on my network can takes control on indiwebmanager ans for example killed it.

Is there a way to give a password to indiwebmanager ? Is this planned?