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I have the following setup:

  • INDI Library v1.9.2 and drivers installed on Ubuntu Mate 64bit OS (on a Raspberry PI4 8GB RAM).
  • KSTARS v3.5.5 installed on Windows machine (yes, this is important for me)
I am using EQMod (SkyWatcher AZ-EQ5pro mount) and CanonDSLR (Canon EOS 1300D) drivers in the EKOS profile via indi-web manager.
Following things are working without problems:
  • Mount operations (slewing, tracking, park/unpark).
  • Take photos using the camera.
  • Plate solving
However, when I try to polar align, I have the following serious issue:
When I start polar align, EKOS takes the FIRST photo and plate-solves it. Then in normal circumstances, it should rotate the mount around RA axis by 30 degrees. But in my case at this point, the whole KSTARS app crashes and exits immediately.
I reproduced this behavior many times using the above described setup. Interesting fact, that using KSTARS v3.5.4 for Windows the polar align works perfectly, it comes (at least for me) only using v3.5.5.

The only thing I was able to figure out, that the problem on Windows is with the cfitsio.dll module which comes with KSTARS 3.5.5 installation because the crash is logged into the Windows Event Log and can be checked by Event Viewer:

Had anybody such issue with polar alignment on KSTARS/Windows ? Any idea, how to workaround or solve that issue?

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