Kajetan created a new topic ' Stellarmate 1.4.4 rpi4 problems' in the forum. 3 years ago

Finally had about an hour of clear sky to test SM for the first time and I had some problems.
1. First of all, after some time (about half of an hour) it disconnect and I can't do anything. I can connect to the wifi, but I can't connect to id via VNC or just app. The only solution is to restart it by unplugging power cable.
2. Mobile app crashes every time I want to start do a polar align and I think it can be because of poin 3.
3. When I want to make Polar Align using VNC the whole Align tab is inactive, I can't use it any way.
4. When I want to control it via mobile app itself (not via vnc) I need to register almost every time when I'm connecting to it.

Anyone have any of this problems on rpi4?