Hi Collin, there was some prior work done on this topic, but it failed to move forward due to the lack of GUI. Otherwise, it was completely developed and utilized a config file. You might want to look at this post for some details:

I've sent you a PM to see if you might like to work together. You should have it.

Some quick feedback on your approach is that logging additions have already been added in Ekos (released) to prep for figuring out the function coefficients for temperature (and altitude residuals). Another function has been written to analyze the focus log and produce the needed coefficients automatically. In most cases, the temperature relation is best thought of as a quadratic and not a simple linear function. Having used my own version of temperature compensation software for well over a year, and having 800 focus runs as the "database" for analysis, I find that the function's zero offset can change over time (not completely sure why, but it might have something to do with my EAF not having a "sure" reference position through power cycles). The slope is very stable (once enough samples are obtained). FYI, I did add the ability to update focus between exposures, and that allows me to keep focus at f/2.2 for hours even in dropping temps (verified by running unnecessary focus runs to compare). I consider doing focus runs by delta T, and/or after N time expiration to be a complete waste of exposing time. Finally, knowing the temperature, the focus algorithm (currently only linear) can be "seeded" with a proper starting guess so outrageous amounts of time aren't spent in "donut" territory.

As I said, if interested, read your PM and send a PM in return. Best wishes,

Doug S.