Thank you! No I did not purge it. I did polar align it via polemaster and have it parked west pointing east with counterweights on bottom and scope on top. Hand controller worked fine as that's what I used for polar alignment

Where do I find the purge option and when do I purge?

Thank you I'll give that a go


Northern hemisphere. In tx. Celestron avx. Had site info checked and hade it set up for its current park.

Went to go-to Vega for a quick test shot and plate solve and the mount decided to go this way. Tried to go 20 degrees bear Polaris and still wanted to point at the ground but this time decided to crash into itself

Time and site are correct

What am I missing?


When I park or even when it auto parks it always parks horizontal rather than vertical

Celestron avx

Anyone know why?


Kurt A Kimbrell created a new topic ' Qhy 294c questions' in the forum. 7 months ago

Has anyone been able to get the Qhy 294c up and running on stellarmate?

Also if there are any updates available to make happen can i get instructions for a dummie on how to get that into my stellarmate.
I run off hotspot mode using a windows 10 laptop and kstars from the laptop that connects to the stellarmate, so im still new to getting vnc viewer working with stellarmate and my phone/pc and havent figured that out well.

Just got my qhy 294c in and want to get as much input as possible to mitigate any murphys law.

thank you