Thanks Jerry for your install script (running on Pi4 in the moment) very nice to have nightly and stable paralell smile.png
and also for your comparison as well as experience with those 2 amazing SBCs 
the SBC market/industry is running fast pace, there are dozens of different models available and its hard to get an overview,
I expect/hope the Asian Market to have some sort of  a apple silicon M1_processor replica available on a SBC in the next 1-2 years, that would mean 8CPU + 8GPU cores,

you made me really curious about the newer N2+ with its 22% faster performance, i thought also about a RockPi 4B-plus with HexaCore but only 4GB RAM,
my dream SBC is a 8-core CM4 with minimum 8GB RAM better 16GB, 2 - PCIe Lanes for paralell USB3 and Nvme Support.
Me and my colleague have ordered PCIe Multiplexers / Switches from AliExpress and some different PCI Cards to experiment with CM4 and PCI Support.

clear skies,

the quantonaut,

- Pi4 8GB - overclocked 2.1GHz, Ubuntu 21.04 64bit, kstars/ekos, GnomeDesktop and LXDE, 8GB ZRAM_swap
- NO SD_card > direct BOOT form Nvme with latetst Firmware / eeprom
- 512GB Nvme via USB3