I'm trying to get KStars going on Unbuntu installed on a Mele Quieter 3C MiniPC, and the version available to download was version 3.6.3 using the "kstars-bleeding" install.

However this version is quite different from 3.6.0 that I am used to, and I don't understand how to get the modules to see the proper hardware. I have various imaging and guide cameras, scopes. as well as mounts. Normally the cameras and mounts would get set up in the Profile Editor, and the scopes in the mount module. But that is all different now, and no matter what I set up in the available setup boxes, Ekos only see the imaging camera and main scope, even in the guide module (I'm using a mount sim while running camera setups). There is no way to change any hardware parameters.

Below in one example of what I see with the available setup boxes.

How do I get the modules to see the proper hardware?

Also, is there a 3.6.0 version of KStars I can install on Unbuntu? That would really bypass all of this.