wvreeven wrote:

7170 wrote: Has something changed in the driver, as I always used 16 bit mode exclusively and never had an issue with capture fails before. But now it seems to always flip to 8 bit on the first image taken. Is there any way to counter/force a behavior in the driver to get the 12 bits? Mine is the ZWO ASI120MM-S Monochrome USB3 version, and it seems to be the USB2 version people have USB issues with if that is related.

Have a look at Jasem's first comment (which is the fifth comment including the original post counting from the start of the thread) where he explains what the change was and why.

But that doesn't quite answer it though - what you see today now implies the camera always fails on the first image capture it takes because the first images is always in 8 bit mode. It now never takes a 16bit FIT with a revert to 8bit later on in the capture sequence after a fail.

Where as before I never had the failed to capture or receive image (or it constantly looping on the same exposure) using my 120. This is why wonder if there was a fundamental change to the driver which makes it now always fail on the first capture in 16bit mode, as apposed to the 16bit to 8bit change after a fail being the only change.