just to reconfirm:
my config:
- Pi 4 4GB
- Stellarmate beta channel (last update approx. 2 weeks ago)
- Asi 2600 MC
- Asi 290 (guidescope)
- EQmod (AZ-EQ 6)
- Celestron focuser
- Deep Sky Dad focuser
- Joystick
- Skysafari

I ran this system live last week (first clear sky for weeks; only one night, unfortunately). Took approx. 100 exposures whith guiding enabled. No crashes.

I had a very similar problem with my system crashing while operating the 2600 MC in parallel to my QHY 178III. This problem did not occur when I used Zwo cams only and it completely vanished now. I had this cam temporarily used on my equipment with a 50mm CCTV lens I attached, which gives me a 8 degree fov for the new PA routine. Again, no crashes.