i started using Astroberry for 8 months now, and i purchased a Stellarmate OS last week to reward Jasem's great work.

I have a couple of points to use it.

  1. I can't connect stellarmate using RealVNC client, both on my Windows 10, linux PC and Ipad. This works great with any browser (but not with firefow on my Ipad), but i'd like to use the realVNC, which i am used, specially on my Ipad. I know i can use the stellarmate app but i prefer the kstars/Ekos interface.I have tried several adresses like stellarmate.local:6080, stellarmate.local:5900;;, but none of them works. The window is closed as soon as the connection succed. Same thing with Remmina with my Linux PC. I have seen that the VNC interface in the RASpi configuration is diabled, maybe i have to enable it.
  2. Another point : How set a permanent location in Kstars without GPS dongle. In Kstars, i have added my location in the database, but when i reboot my Rpi4, this location is never used by default.