I don't want to say I've "solved" this just yet. I've been having a number of issues - one of which I think may be power related. I've seen low-power warnings (under-voltage) in the past but they were never directly tied to crashes like I mentioned above. My rpi4 was being powered by a PPBA, USB port 1 - which the Pegasus claims is specifically for powering devices like rpi4 (from the website). It's one of the reasons I purchased the PPBA so I could minimize the number of cables coming off the OTA.

So last imaging session I pulled out the power adapter that came with my rpi4 and ran that directly. I didn't see any under-voltage errors in my last session and I did not have the repeat of the crashes that started this thread. How are you powering your rpi Andrea?

I'm wondering if anyone else using the Pegasus PBA to power their rpi4 is having under-voltage issues. I've tried two different USBA to USBC cables with the same results.