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Dear Jasem.
Thank you very much for you reply. 
Regarding effective focal length, I suppose you mean Primary Scope definition in the Connect screen, right? I have defined various presets also for the same lenses with different focal length. FI, for my Canon 70-200, I have 3 different definitions, 70mm, 135mm and 200mm.

For the focusing, do I need defined also Focuser (Focuser simulator) in my profile? Without it, Focus module is not accessible. Do I need also any additional settings for it? I understand, there is no live view, just short exposures and focus is based on taken images. Do I understand correctly?

Thank you.


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Dear colleagues astrophotographers.
Until now, I was using simple rig - tripod with iOptron Skyguider pro, Canon camera and Canon Lens.
Few days ago I bought astrocamera ZWO ASI 533MC pro and connect it to Raspberry Pi 4 with Stellarmate. Yesterday, I tried to capture M31. I realized, I don't know how to focus.
So, my rig is, tripod with iOptron Skyguider pro, ZWO ASI533 and Canon Lens (I like to use various focal lengths). I am using stellarmate app in Android phone and don't have any additional hw such a guidescole/camera, focuser...
What I need is possibility of liveview and manual focus with this setup (something similar as via DSLR camera liveview focusing) . I didn't find answer in various forums and tutorials. Is there someone, who can give help me please?
Also, is there any way how to setup aperture? Or should i set the aperture via DSLR and then, with tesired value remount lebs to ZWO ASI?
Thanks in advance.