I am not very familiar with linux systems, coming from Windows. Tried to update Kstart with:
sudo apt-add-repository ppa:mutlaqja/ppa (after that command I got some error messages)
sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install indi-full kstars-bleeding

Correct? I don’t know exactly what I am doing. Find that commands:

After this process Kstars doesn’t start. Double klick on the symbol leads to a sand glass close the mouse pointer and after a few seconds only a mouse pointer without glass.
Tried to do it again, tried to uninstall Kstars, tried to reboot the system (Windows :-) ), … at the end I have started with a new astroberry installation. Now I have a completely new system :-). Nothing installed but the astroberry image. Changed the WiFi settings and started with PHD2. PHD2 works as before and unfortunately Kstars (3.5.5.) to :-(.

PHD2 version 2.6.10dev2
Camera: ZWO ASI Camera
Mount: On-camera
My PHD2 hardware setup is very easy, don’t know if it is the native driver, I have chosen the only driver named as my camera.


Kstars version 3.5.5.
Mount EQ3-2
Sky Watcher motorset and interface (ST4, RA motor and DEC motor)

Using PHD2 with manual guiding I can see the red LED turning to green on the Sky Watcher interface and I can hear both motors, when I send pulses.
Using ZWO and the guider control section only the white LED turns to yellow for some seconds on the screen. Nothing happens on the SW Interface.

More ideas?


Hallo Peter, to be honest, I have tried it before without success. My standard profile got Mount, CCD and Guider (Picture Profile).

I use the “Telescope Simulator” driver for the mount. Without mount I haven’t found a way to specify my lenses or communication to the mount. In the “Guiding Area” I take the guiding camera as you see in the picture “control” (Guider and Via).

With Mount Control I try to guide manually (move the mount in any way with the software), but nothing happens.

Couldn’t find my mistake.


No one out there having experience with this interface and INDI/EKOS?


Hello there, I am new with Astroberry and INDI/EKOS. Installed all the packages from astroberry.io a few weeks ago. Thanks to all the folks working on these great projects. Until now I am working with the stuff below:
· EQ3-2, Sky-Watcher motorset and guiding interface (ST4),
· ZWO ASI120MC (Firmware ASI120MC-compatible) as guider
· EOS550D or EOS550D modified for H alpha
· EOS 70-200 mm 2.8 and EOS 300 mm 4.0 lenses.
Guiding with PHD2 works fine with Windows and Astroberry. Now I would try to guide with EKOS, but if I understand aright my mount/guider is the last one in the list:
Does it mean that guiding with INDI/EKOS is not possible with this guiding interface?
Many thanks