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plop3 wrote: I don't like flatpak, snap and Co.

I don't like snap at all. For every package there is a /snap filesystem, and Canonical plans to distribute Chrome as a snap only, acting as a sole middleman broker via their app store (just like Google Play and iOS).

Flatpak on the other hand may come in handy when you need statically built packages, exactly like this case. There is no centralized store in the hands of one company.

But I agree, I avoid the concept where I can.

On Ubuntu 20.04 libraw19 is a dependency for example krita:
--\ D├ępend (48)
--- libraw19 (>= 0.19.0)

Same problem for Siril, gthumb

I should have stayed in 18.04 :-(

Well, sooner or later I will need to move to 20.04, and then I will face this problem.
I don't know what I will do. Maybe compile from source and get it over with?