INDI Library v1.7.6 Released. (27 Feb 2019)

First release of 2019 comes with quite a few new drivers across the board along with significant performance improvements to INDI camera and live streaming performance. Many drivers received significant updates to improve performance & stability, while a few were re-written from scratch to be in line with INDI standards. Here are some of the highlights:

Is Binning "fools gold"?

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Is Binning "fools gold"? was created by pentaxian23

I get the impression that binning the guiding image simple gives false results. Yes, it appears to have better guiding in that the error is reduced but is it calculated properly? Ive always wondered why binning would be better. It reduces resolution so how can it be better. Yes, it improves SNR but not by much and frankly its quite easy to find stars with plenty of SNR for guiding. Also, I get the impression the error reported that says the guiding is better is actually worse. Are the resultant larger pixels taken into account when calculating the angular error?

Last Friday my guiding looked good but the images were blurry looking. I had focused the camera with a Bahtinov mask and it was tack-sharp. What happened? Can someone check the guiding module and verify its accuracy? Thanks.
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Replied by El Corazon on topic Is Binning "fools gold"?

I had come to the same conclusion. That's why I have gone back to guiding at 0 gain, 3s exposure and 1x1 binning.

That seems to work best for me now.
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