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14 Nov 2018
Glad to announce of release of INDI Library v1.7.5 on 2018-11-14. A few drivers were added in this release as we continue to improve & stabilize existing drivers.
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TOPIC: What is causing this..?

What is causing this..? 9 months 1 day ago #24114

Well after a few hours of experiments today along with help from Jasem we managed to isolate the issues we think, but still have the issues with half a frame download
Tried connecting direct to rpi3 and just the same, also tried 3 different USB cables, still no joy..
One strange thing though was that the SX Lodestar was doing the same error when connected to my Pegasus Ultimate power box USB hub, but did work fine when connected direct to the rpi3, although not at first.. but the SX M25 camera was the same connected both ways..
Many thanks again for Jasem’s help via a Teamviewer session today, was very much appreciated.. :)

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