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stash wrote: Ok that makes sense - thanks

Yes I did not explain it very well, but @rlancaste got it spot on.. :)


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Yes that’s me.. :)
Well that would be correct, you click on remote and those icons show up, because the drivers are only on the remote machine, it makes no difference if you used them or not, it shows all drivers installed...


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stash wrote: On the attached image you will see symbols mark in red on the camera drop down menu of Ekos profile.

If you hover over it says something like "Available as remote driver - local install driver"

Question is what does this symbol mean.

Someone asked me and I said I didn't know so I am asking the experts :-)

As I described on the SGL thread, this means that the driver is not available on the client machine only on remote device.. :)


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Am considering swapping to an Apple MacBook Pro, and want to use this to control my rpi with remotely, have been using Linux this way for a couple of years, with no real issues but have the chance of a mint condition MacBook Pro for a very low price and do need a laptop upgrade. So wanted any advice or on doing this..if the consensus seems that this is not a good idea, I may consider a dual boot with Linux, but want to avoid that if possible as that is not as straight forward as doing with windows...
I will just be using as a client PC running Kstar / Ekos, with full INdI remotely on the rpi3b+ ...
Thanks in advance :)


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Astrocommando wrote: I managed to find it! Now I'm just waiting for Altair cameras to work with EKOS lol

Don’t hold your breath.... it could be a while, as the Chinese manufacturer of the camera needs to sort the SDK out... :(


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anofeles wrote: @Astronerd:
Can you change the default path (/home/pi) by the Jasem's video (/home/stellarmate/pictures)?


knro wrote: It's not working like this video? This is using KStars v3.0.0 on MacOS connected to StellarMate remotely.

That was the first thing I tried, but there was no way.
I selected "local" and clicked on the box where "home/pi" is written. The cursor blinks on it but I can't delete or write anything on it.
Tested in Sierra and High Sierra. Same problem in both operating systems.
PD: I also tried Astroberry, but the result was the same.
PD2: Today I will flash the card again with stellarmate 1.3.1 to see if I can get the images back to the client computer and the client (RB3b+) too.

Yes, I can change it manually....


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As far as I am aware, it works now but only with one Altair camera, if you use an Altair guide cam then you will have issues....if not and just imaging with 183 it should work fine and with other brand guide cams.. :)