What's wrong with Orion?

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What's wrong with Orion? was created by maxthebuilder

A month ago I was shooting the Orion Nebula and didn't notice anything wrong. That was wide field (270 mm).
I just got an AT72EDII/ASI1600MC (430 mm) and was playing with this set up. Last week and yesterday (with updated KStars/Ekos) strange things happened around the Orion.
If I Capture/Solve/Slew to Betelgeuse or Rigel or any other star they would be right in the center of FOV.
If I Capture/Solve/Slew to some feature inside of the Orion (say, Na'ir al Saif), Ekos solves successfully but Na'ir al Saif is about 1/3 of the frame off center.
Really strange.

Sorry I don't have any pictures to prove this. Maybe next time I'll get some (weather turned bad again).
Max S.
RPI 3 B+ with Stellarmate OS.
Nikon D5300. 180 mm antique Nikon lens.
AT72EDII refractor. ASI1600MC Pro.
ZWO ASI120MC-S on ZWO 30F4 MiniScope.
SW AZ-GTi mount in EQ mode.
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