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INDI Library v1.7.9 is mostly a maintenance release to fix a few bugs in several drivers.

Advice re Astrophysics Experimental driver

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Advice re Astrophysics Experimental driver was created by Spartacus

Hi ,
The weather in Queensland, Australia has been terrible this weekend so I have been having another go at an abandoned KStars project.
I am currently using KStars/EKOS with an NEQ6 running EQMod for astrophotography with everything working fine. My son has an AP1100 and has recently left home and lucky for me has left me in charge of the AP1100 mount.
We tried to use KStars with the AP1100 about 12 months ago but gave up after a few months of frustration. This time I have a lot more knowledge and have managed to get it working pretty much perfectly apart from it insists on using DEC co-ordinate as 00:00:00 for Park 3 instead of -90:00:00. This puts the scope at 90 degrees to the mount axis. Generally Astrophysics Park 3 should point directly at the South Celestial Pole e.g. in line with the mount axis. Az co-ord is 180:00:00 for both of these positions so the co-ordinates showing in the park position in INDI is the same as this does not show DEC.
This is not necessarily an issue just a curiosity. Anyone know what I may be doing wrong? Otherwise in use the mount knows where it is and slews correctly and everything else works as expected which is great. I have tried doing a custom park but it always reverts to the DEC 00:00:00 setting.
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