Hi Stefan,

i had the same problem.
Your procedure fixed i!
SAGTI works now like a dream :-)

Thanks a lot!


it seems that the attachments were not uploading in the last post....


Hi Jasem,

thanks a lot for your quick response! I did not expect to get a fast answer....
You are doing really a great job! Thank you!

Sorry for asking stupid questions!
I was somehow confused because on my opensuse in the begin wrote debayered fits to the disk (all were 3x the size). And then after some days it only wrote this small ones.
Is it possible to configure, in ekos/indi, that debayered fits are written to the disk? (Yes i already looked in the settings but everything is on ...i think)

Attached you will find the log from the raspi and some pictures from my settings (so far the raspi with the beta looks good!)

By the way the scripts from Dusan Poizl: gitea.nouspiro.space/nou/astro-soft-build helped me a lot for the raspi :-)


I then also tried to do the same on my opensuse but that crashed repeatedly. (indi crash see log)
This definitely worked before. I am not sure why, but i did a system update this week. :-(

Today: I removed indi-qhy and kstars completely and then reinstalled them but this did not solve the issue. (the opensuse log is exactly after i reinstalled them)

By this i was looking again for the opensuse install instructions in "get tindi"
- in the menu there is still an opensuse entry but on the page there is only ubuntu, fedora... instructions. I thought that, previously, there were also some for OpenSus. This was how i got the repository download.opensuse.org/repositories/Appli...strophotography/15.4. That was helpful --- Sad that this has gone....


Hi,i am pretty new in astrophotography.
My setup is a QHY5II715C color ccd and currently with a small refractor 70mm/350 focal length (small but mine).
I am quite familar with Linux. I first tried with my opensuse leap 15.4 to capture some images wit kstars 3.6.7 stable.
Ekos is capturing the images fine. the viewer shows them in RGB and if i manually save the images in the viewer they are also saved as color Fits.Unluckily the saved fits from the sequence are all monochrome. The file size 1/3 of the manual saved ones.
And Siril treats them as monochrome.

Now i also managed to get kstars running on my Pi 4. (3.6.8 Beta)I hoped that on the Pi it would work. But unluckily exactly the same happened. Settings where stock settings on the PI.

Attached i have some screenshots:
- remmina_Raspi_192.168.188.70_20231024-202019,466030.png shows the ekos setup. I only shot a single image but also with more only monochrome is saved.
- remmina_Raspi_192.168.188.70_20231024-202129,161332.png shows the viewer directly after ekos catched the image. The viewer also shows it as RGB and if i "save as" then a RGB fit is saved
- remmina_Raspi_192.168.188.70_20231024-202322,591941.png shows de different file sizes of the manual and "normal" fit
- remmina_Raspi_192.168.188.70_20231024-203024,259638.png show the info siril is displaying. For me it looks that ekos is really sving in monochrome. siril even refuses to do something with colors with this file. For comparison the manual saved fit file is treated as RGB by siril.

- userdb.sqlite.zip is my kstars db....hope it gives some further insight
- test3_Light_001.zip is the monochrome fit (sorry no stars but this should be a color image..)

I searched in each and every menu in Ekos, indi, kstars. where i can activate/deactivate colors....i did not find anything.
It would be very nice if some one could help me.

Best Regards


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