just to close the issue - now I'm operating this QHY cam using odroid-c2 with short USB cable between and everythink is OK. INDI is so cool. I use it also to operate SBIG cam and am so happy with it. Thanks guys for all this work. Excellent job!



thank you for your help. I made update of indilib today and tested it again. Problem persists and I'm getting this message in dmesg:

indi_qhy_ccd[12080]: segfault at 140 ip ac21d6fe sp a95c5a80 error 4 in libusb-1.0.so.0.1.0[ac215000+19000]

I tested with SBIG camera 402me and got long exposures without any problems. Do you think that maybe the QHY is faulty?


ok. thx! is it enough to apt-get update?
I was thinking of long USB cable as a source of troubles but would this affect exposure lenght? I don't think so (if too long than even short exposures should be affected. I'll also check dmesg for possible errors but I did last time and nothing was there


Hi boys,

I'm trying to controll QHY camera with indilib as fish eye detector. Unfortunately camera is not able to make longer than 19s exposures. Do you have any idea why?

Second think is mask visible on pictures. It seems that indi thinks camera is RGB so it is producing this black dots all over the image (some mask) as it is trying to interpolate (or not trying ;) RGB pixels even if the camera is mono only.

Can you please gimme a hand here?

with many thanks