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When I use the LEGACY version of the Polar Alignment routine, EKOS will start a photo capture without waiting for a delay after slewing. The result is blurred images that it then tries to identify with asymmetry. I set the delay time, and that works in regular alignment mode, but not in the Polar Alignment mode (the legacy version, I can't use the new version at the Equator).



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I now have 3.1.1 on the Mac and Ubuntu. Both systems still cause my my guidestar to move in a non-random almost linear direction (-3,-3) when dithering. I have it set to dither 3 pixels every three frames. But when I look at my resulting imagines (I did 30 exposures last night) every dither was 3 pixels movement to the upper left. So the whole image was off center by 30 pixels in that straight direction (up and left). I have to aligned my exposures every 30 minutes or so just to keep my target centered. While those few pixels are not huge, after a 3 hour session it is, and objects on the left side of the frame are moved off the frame.


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My NANO PC sets up a wifi network upon booting. It's crazy, as it has this network up and running in 6 seconds from power on.
The Starfi has a STAtion mode that creates it's own wifi network. INDI then connects to that.
(I will verify all the settings when I get home)

My Mac also connects to the same NanoPC wifi network to gain access to INDI, and the shared drive folder (SSD).

I am running Lubuntu.
The case is the clear plastic one (top and bottom only).
I tried the steel fully encased one, but it seemed to run very hot that way.


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Interesting. I am using the same mount with Mac OSX 3.0 Kstars.
The mount moves correctly when tracking, slewing and guiding.
But I have found one other time it may be reversed, in the legacy Polar Alignment routine. In that tool, it directs me to adjust the mount in the opposite direction it should be .



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Just a short chime, to say that I too use a new Macbook (Air) now to to connect to my astrorig. I was just connecting via VNC to the Linux box that was running INDI/Kstars, but lately its just been too buggy to be reliable.

So now I use the Mac to run the OSX version of KStars and connect to the same Linuxbox (NanoPC T4) and that works great! It's fast, and I solved the issue of download times by installing a 500GB Solid State Drive card onto the NanoPC and have EKOS save files to it instantly. Then I connect to the NanoPC via SMB and share that SSD on my Mac. I can then download files at a later time easily.

I connect the Macbook to the NanoPC via a local wifi network.

The NanoPC rides shotgun on my mount and all my equipment is plugged into the NanoPC which has both USB2 and USB ports. One 12V powercable leads to a saddle on the mount which uses a RigRunner powerstrip #405 to distribute power to the cameras, focuser, NanoPC, and dew heater.

The NanoPC (running INDI) connects to the iOptron CEM25P via iOptron's StarFi wi adapter. It's flawless.

PS: I too would love to see the GAIN and OFFSET settings right on the Capture screen, so they can be incorporated easily in an imaging session.

So when I go out in the field, here's what happens:

1. I setup the mount and attach the entire astrorig to it. I store my complete imaging rig all assembled in a Pelican case. I just take it out of the case, and attach it to the mount. No assembly required. This includes my WO STar71, ASI1600MM Pro, OAG with Lodestar X2, Filter wheel, dew heater with temp probe, NanoPC T4 (Lubuntu), and powerstrip.

2. I turn on the mount and wait for it to aquire it's GPS settings. While it is doing that, I adjust the balance of the imaging setup.

3. I turn on the NanoPC T4 and 6 seconds later it has connected to the Starfi (iOptron CEM25P) and is broadcasting it's own network.

4. I Open my MacBook, connect to the Nano's network, and start KSTARS.

5. Ready to roll! I do a polar alignment, and start my imaging session.

That whole setup from car to imaging takes about 30 minutes.



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Here's a video of what I see:



Peter Kennett created a new topic ' Re-Alignment after so many ditherings' in the forum. 2 months ago

Maybe there is a way to resolve this already, but I have not seen it.

Problem. After many ditherings, the target can be quite a bit away from where it started.
Often, it's not a problem, as it's not off by much, and my target is centered anyway.
But occasionally, on very large subjects, I can find that dithering moves a critical star or object that was on the edge of the frame off the edge.

Solution: After a set amount of ditherings (user controlled), EKOS performs a re-alignment using the very first image in the session as the reference image.



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Everything was working great on my Mac’s version of KStars and EKOS, until last night.

On application startup, KStars complains about INDI directory:

“Unable to find INDI Drivers directory: /usr/local/share/indi
Please make sure to set the correct path in KStars configuration”

And ideas of how to fix this?



I have coded in an autostart so that when my Linux box boots, it starts the web server automatically. Additionally, I have set up my Linux box to start a WIFI network automatically - which is how I am able to connect to it from my Macbook. So..

1. Set up the Linux machine to start a WIFI network upon booting. Note what this wifi network IP address is.

2. Download the IndiWebManager.service file to your Linux box, then copy it to /etc/systemd/system. Instructions are here:

Once installed, follow the directions to AUTOSTART this server upon booting. The instructions are on the same page above.

3. Reboot the Linux box and then go to your Mac.
4. Wait and select the new wifi network that the Linux box just created.
5. Launch KSTars on the Mac.
6. Set up the INDI server configuration on the Mac, with all your equipment. Be sure to select web manager and to enter the IP address of the Linux Box's new wifi network.


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I may have missed this in the documentation:
- When EKOS changes filters during an imaging session, will it reset the focus for each filter to the previously measured settings in the focus module?
I know that in the scheduler it will refocus between jobs, but in just the capture module will it change the focus to the last settings used?



It’s a nice clear tonight tonight so I’m up on the roof and all is working perfectly. I’m capturing the Seagull Nebuka in NB. The MacBook is connected and running the show without a flaw, and the NanoPC is saving the 32mb files on it’s internal 480gb SSD, which is virtually instantaneous. Much better than having the files download to the Mac.

I wish the Ubuntu version of EKOS was as stable on the NanoPC as the OSC version is on my MacBook Air. But all month I have been struggling with frequent crashes that are new, and I haven’t seen a pattern to hint at why. Additionally on the NanoPC my ASI1600 would occasionally lock up when running EKOS on it. So far tonight, not a single problem even though the camera is still connected to the same Ubuntu box and running under the same version of INDI. So the issue was with EKOS not INDI or the PC.


Problem solved! I just needed more coffee at 2:30am. I had the wrong IP address! System working perfectly now!