Hi Cicera,
I see a lot of Linux passing by which I honestly don't understand much of.....
This is my experience:
I have an EQDrive system on my G11 that mimics a Skywatcher mount and so is usable with EQmod.
Worked perfectly with Windows but with Stellarmate I ran into a problem when starting EKOS:

[WARNING] Port /dev/ttyUSB0 is already used by another driver or process.
[WARNING] Communication with /dev/ttyUSB0 @ 9600 failed. Starting Auto Search...

After some talk with Jasem :
"I'm starting to suspect that something else is interfering with it. Maybe the GPS daemon? in dmesg it was shown pps0
Try to disable gpsd:
sudo systemctl stop gpsd gpsd.socket"

That was it! EQDrive now worked on Stellarmate RPi !
But the problem returned so the final solution:
Now totally disabled the gpsd deamon. Edited the /etc/default/gpsd script and made:

and also put # in front of the rest...

Since then I use it without a glitch :-)

Cheers, Arnold

JEEEEEZZ thank youuuu!!!!

This solved my problem with my QHYCFW2 in standalone mode!

It uses the CP210x chipset too, and it wasn't working on the PI4 (but on PI3 B+ was).

Disabled the GPSD stuff and now it is working, ahhaha, it is wonderful!


I'm sorry, but i'm very new to linux and INDI.

I have an qhy filter wheell 2 (used in the qhy9) running in rs 232 mode.

I can get it to connect, but only shows 5 filters (it has 8 positions), and on the options there is no option to change que amount of slots.

How do I update the qhy driver?

(Speciffically, what apt-get comand shoud I run? (Using ubuntu mate on a RPi 3B+)

Thanks in advance!

Rafael Compassi


After installing the latest nightly, still, the same.

Even if I set the number of filters to 7 (while the FW is disconnected) and set, save the config and reconnect, the amount of filter is still 5.

Looks like the setting is not being written correctly or something like that.


Ah, thanks!

After the update I'll tell how it went.


Could you tell me how to "git pull"?

With the usual apt-get update and upgrade, the problem persists, the filter slots are not being correctly set.

If I set it to 7, save, quit, and open again indi manager, the slot number reverts back to 5.


Ok, I updated the indilib and all (using nightly ppa).

The dialog now appears, I can set the number of filters:


I do this before conecting to the filter wheel, set number to 7, click save.

But on connecting the number is still 5 filters:


Am I doing something wrong?


For QHYCF2, there is a Filter (Count) setting in Main Control where you can set the number of filters before you connected. Make sure to go to Options --> Configuration Save to make sure it sticks.

When disconnected there is no such option:




And when connected, the number of filters is default of 5:



No, I'm using on a raspberry pi, running Ubuntu mate


I have a similar issue, I can't set the number of filters on qhycfw2 to 7, it doesn't show any place to do it.