I have downloaded the new app. I am registered. I am able to see all the features of kstars. I am using only one camera, nothing else. Now, whereas before where the image would download ( ZWO ASI 224) rather quickly, the image takes forever. One image. With complete frustration after several wasted hours over two nights- since things were working just fine before- I ended up where I was trying to leave- that being with my laptop and cables and another program. Can we please get the old app back? I was really enjoying Stellarmate ( finally), and don't really have the time to go through this "process" yet a third or fourth time. I also don't like being referred here by the FB moderator who claims Jasem will more likely look here than there , as he doesn't have the time to look there. Oh, really? What about us? That sounds pretty dismissive of us paying customers, thank you.


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    03. 02. 1960
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    Amateur astronomer trying to put together a mobile unit for field astrophotography without the use of a laptop.