I am having a new issue I have not seen before. When I use the individual modules everything works fine. I can track, focus, align, guide, and capture images. But when I do it through the scheduler it is tracing and focusing, but when it gets to the alignment step it does not initiate the capture. It goes straight to trying to solve the image (that does not exist). If I stop the scheduler and then go into the alignment module I can start it and it works without issue. 

Previously it had worked fine. I haven’t used the system in about a month, and setup the same way and have this issue. I’m using a Skywatcher EQ6r-Pro mount with EQMod cable, I am wondering if there is something out of sync with the mount and EKOS. 

I turned logging on for the alignment and scheduler modules but for some reason it is not saving a file. I suspect it is a permissions issue on the Raspberry Pi.