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Hey Elwood, first, thanks for such a wonderful contribution to the community. INDI really is a great system.

Ferrante reminded me that I started down this path a while ago, but I ended up not finishing out any docs or really pushing it through. I've got a collection of repos that were mainly proof of concept things to see if I could get INDI and KStars on the web so to speak.

The first is: github.com/rickbassham/node-indi-client. This node.js client is a simple translation between the XML of INDI and JSON via a websocket. It is a separate stand-alone thing that will connect to an existing INDI server and communicate using the existing INDI protocol, not using a websocket, but it will expose a websocket and do the translation from XML to JSON.

Next is: github.com/rickbassham/indi-web. This is a Vue.js based web app using the client above. It is basically an INDI control panel running in the web, and also serves as an example for writing a client.

Then there is github.com/rickbassham/indi-mqtt-bridge. This is an example of using that client to create a bridge between INDI and MQTT. For a while I was using this in conjunction with influxdb and grafana to log and visualize things like telescope position over time, focuser position, etc.

Getting into KStars and Ekos specific things:

github.com/rickbassham/ekos-mqtt-bridge is a bridge between Ekos and MQTT. In this case, it relies on the Ekos Live functionality, but instead of a hosted solution it runs locally.

Finally there is github.com/rickbassham/ekos-web. This is similar to the above, but exposes a web interface for Ekos instead of just using MQTT.

I'll see if I can get some documentation together on these if there is interest in continuing development on them.



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Whoops, had the repo marked as private. Updated to be public.


I'm investigating whether or not it is feasible to add support for ASCOM Alpaca devices in INDI. Alpaca devices do not require Windows to run, and operate completely on a REST API, with automatic discovery via UDP broadcast.

I've successfully tested a CoverCalibrator with automatic discovery, and I'd like to see if the community sees this as a useful tool.

Here's the link: github.com/rickbassham/indi-alpaca


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I haven't used Rust, but I wrote some libraries in Go to interface with indi. I haven't updated them in a while, but they should still be good. Might be a good way to at least see it implemented in another language other than C++.



Give the celestron aux driver a try. It may work with the USB directly.


Another option for generating a fits file to solve is using a website like mosaic.darkdragons.space/. It will generate an artificial star field you can use as a "solve and slew" image.


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Does the mount move at all when doing the calibration? If not, I had a similar issue with my CEM120 and needed a firmware update to get it working.


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Hey Thomas, I can't see anything that would be causing the issue you describe at first glance. Is your weather station on a publicly accessible site? That would make debugging easier for me. Did you build and install directly from source?

Also can you provide the output of:

cat ~/.indi/WeewxJSON_config.xml

It doesn't look like this driver is available on the PPA yet.


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Hey Michael, unfortunately as the code stands now it is not compatible with older firmware. The commit I linked above changed the command that is sent to the mount for guide pulses, so if your mount isn't moving during calibration or guiding, you'll either need to wait for a driver update to make this compatible with older firmware or update your firmware on the mount.

It appears the reason for the change is that iOptron is deprecating the older commands to do pulse guiding, so the driver was updated to use the new ones. Unfortunately, if you are on an older firmware, your mount won't recognize the new commands.

Can you provide the firmware you are on now? We might be able to make it backwards compatible by checking the firmware version.


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Ok, it looks like i was on an old firmware for the CEM120. Once updated to the latest firmware from iOptron, it seems to work fine.


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I think the issue is from github.com/indilib/indi/commit/f3b9ca550...1a86052fd5d6f49e6a12. The mount does not move at all when guide pulses are issued. Anyone else having this problem?


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If you are familiar with DBUS, you can control the focus module using that. The focus module DBUS commands are defined in kstars/org.kde.kstars.Ekos.Focus.xml.