thank you wvreeven!!

now I'm very happy to hear you! I'll do it. Thanks.


Hi everyone.

First forgive my poor English....

I usually perform 1. slew to target , 2. capture and solve, 3. adjust focus(menual), 4. autoguide 5. capture (I don't do polar align)

I read the tutorial of caputer module ( )

and in meridian flip,

they say

Meridian Flip: If supported by the mount, set the hour angle limit (in hours) before a meridian flip is commanded. For example, if you set the meridian flip duration to 0.1 hours. Ekos shall wait until the mount passes the meridian by 0.1 hours (6 minutes), then it commands the mount to perform a meridian flip. After the meridian flip is complete, Ekos re-aligns using (if alignment was used) and resumes guiding (if it was started before) and then resumes the capture process automatically.

I'm wondering about the word "using alignment was used)"

what exactly the word "" is?
a kind of website?
So it must need to connetion with internet?

I use my raspberry Pi + ubunt mate without internet connection.
Does that mean I can't experience full-auto meridian flip, and capture and solve, and auto guiding, and capture??


hello, I could solve former problem.

It was quite simple

I changed to the raspberry pi 4 instead of sell qhy10

there is no issue about the resolution, but I still get in trouble with other issues

first, I can't use live video in camera tap.

second I can't use whole plate and solve tap, It's all gray

I thought if it because my camera was out of focus, but it still occur when the focus is right

and I got some strange messages, about telescope and aperture

l'm a brand new guy for liunx so l took capure

what seems to be the problem?


l'm very sorry for you all...for the terreble result

l tried doesn't work

so l give up using kstars with qhy10

and l'll sell the qhy10 to whom don't use remote system

sorry Mr.Knro for your effort

thank you all and l love you all


thanks god and thanks Mr. knro

It's the best Christmas present ever l recieved

Mmm......and Can you please teach me how can l update it?

for example....

sudo ^&(#^$$#% ...#@&#$#% ...etc...


Wow. How can you find the problem from the dummy of charicters and digits?? admirable!!!!

and also it depends on qhy's reaction, how long does it take bug fixing usally? Do you have any experience of requsting bugs?


as you said,

I extracted my log file

but l'm afraid that this file has useful information because this is my first time to using ubuntu...



youngbae replied to the topic 'I tried it but still no work' in the forum. 9 months ago

Mmm.....l'm beginer of linux and also English...

you mean l try to do this ( )

and after l've done 1,2,3 go to following directory and check .log file is there

and make a new topic attached that .log file ???


youngbae replied to the topic 'I tried it but still no work' in the forum. 9 months ago

I think l almost done. as you said l tried to and l recieve this message

help me a little bit


youngbae replied to the topic 'I tried it but still no work' in the forum. 9 months ago

I did that and the reset button really worked!

but image is still small

and in the ekos window

still I can't pix the number

It seems to I can input only two digit (etc 30,36 not 3900 ,2916)

and even I can't press the calibration button

it really wired

when I first connect my qhy10, it had no problem....but all of a came and no solution

somebody help me


thanks, I'll do it and report


So frustrating
It is frustrating not to speak English first
I use qhy10
My photo is so small
I think this is because of the width and height on the configuration
From the beginning, width = 30, height = 20
I've changed it
I get this error message

And still the picture is small

What's wrong

I'm going crazy