Thanks, El Corazon

Unfortunately, I don't think it has to do with the USB hub.
I'm powering my entire setup with the Pegasus Astro pocket powerbox advance. (Using the pegasus astro 10A power supply)
The only USB hubs that I use are the one build in to the PPBA and the one in the ASI533.
I did test the hub in the ASI switching the guidecam to the ppba hub or connecting it directly still let to either one or the other camera showing up never both. Also I'm powering the PI4 with the dedicated USB port that Pegasus Astro claims is able to power the PI4.

Next time I setup I will test if powering my PI4 with the 12v. To 5v. Stellarmate cable makes a difference. Just to be sure.

It's good that you've asked but I do indeed define ZWO for both cameras.
The same way it works in my current PI3 setup.


Hi Everyone,

I've been running into an issue and I thought I'd report it here.

I'm running 2 Pegasus Astro devices that need to be mapped to a port otherwise both don't work.
I've recently purchased a ZWO ASI533 and want to add it to my setup. I run a ZWO ASI120mm mini as a guidecam.
I'm in the process of upgrading my PI3 B to a PI4 (4GB).
I mostly use the EKOS client on Windows 10.

Running 1.5.3. on my PI4 only one ZWO camera shows up in the INDI panel.
When both are connected only my ASI533 (Main Camera) shows up.
When I disconnect the ASI533 and I reboot, the ASI120MM Mini shows up instead.
I am, however, able to map my Pegasus Astro PPBA and FocusCube V2 to their USB ports and they work fine.

To further complicate things, on my PI3 both camera's always show up.
I did have issues mapping the PA devices but it turned out I was running an older nightly build on my PI3. (My bad)
For now, my only solution is to run 1.5.3. with all updates on my PI3 and accept the USB2 speeds.

If there ie a better place to report this issue please let me know. Haven't done that before.



Thanks for sharing this.
I noticed the same dll is missing in the current release.
The dll linked below works fine as far as I can tell.


It's great that you are working on this. Received my powerbox advanced today and can't wait to integrate it.
Thank you!