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When I tell it to park, it goes straight back to the SCP. This is one of the few things actually working automatically right now.

I’m not familiar though with the specific setting you are referring to as I’ve never have to set this. EKOS normally gets these settings from KStars and I have KStars setup to pretty much my exact long/lat in there.

Can you tell me exactly which setting you are referring too though as there are dozens of settings referred to on that page? (I’m in the Southern Hemisphere).


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I have recently upgraded my StellarMate and KStars on my Mac to version 3.x.

I then noticed some immediate issues with mount control that are truely bizarre. I'm connecting to the Stellarmare from my Mac running KStars/EKOS into a Skywatcher EQ6R mount. Nothing new here as I've been doing it this way from day one. I'm using the same location settings in KStars that I've been using for ~8mths now since using KStars/EKOS as my sole astroimaging software. I'm based in Brisbane, Australia. I have a screen shot of my location settings as well as an FYI. Time/date were all checked to be correct before/during these last two sessions with the errors.

Example #1 - Polar Alignment Routine
Running the EKOS polar alignment routine with default settings of moving the mount 30degree's to the West.
- it takes the first image, solves it OK
- then instead of moving 30 degree's to the West, the mount starts moving to the East so far that I have to intervene to stop it hitting the tripod with the weights up and mount to the East. This is repeatable. If I stop, reboot everything, it does this every time.
*** See the screen shots of the polar alignment screen and also a photo of the mount itself to further explain the issue as well as all logs I captured during the night.

Example #2 - Goto in KStars
I start it from pointing to the SCP and do a plate solve. This works. Then I tell it to goto Canopus, which was in the East, closish to the meridian and at about ~60+ degree's elevation. Instead of the mount moving slightly to the West and point close to it. The mount moves drastically to the East. I have to intervene to stop it hitting the tripod. Also, when I centre Kstars to have due South at the bottom of the screen, KStars is representing the night sky for me perfectly!!!. If I messed the location, time, date, long/lat settings up, the key representation would be completely different. It isn't. Another reason the mount moving to somewhere else entirely is something I can't figure out.
*** See the screen shot I tool inside KStars showing where the mount is pointing with the mount icon in KStars versus where it is physically pointing.

Example #3 - Manually controlling the mount to a location
I figured I'd then try to just manually move the mount via the mount control applet for EQMOD and point it directly at Canopus or NGC2070, which I was trying to image. I did this in stages moving the mount with the EQMOD software and was plate solving along the way to NGC2070 as well as when I got to NGC2070. The plate solving was working. I thought at this point a mount model was OK enough to try another goto in KStars. So I right clicked on NGC2070 -> EQMOD -> Track. Even with the mount pointing at NGC2070, with a plate solved image done, the mount did something stupid again and went to the wrong side of the meridian and I had to intervene to stop it hitting the tripod.

Example #4 - Failure to Sync Error after a plate solve
I have noticed for the very first time ever that I'm getting "failure to sync" errors after a plate solve works, but for some reason is unable to update the mount. I don't know what is causing this.

One change I have made is the focal length of the scope. I've gone back to about 1400mm from 400mm with my 8" EdgeHD. I have both hyper star and the Celestron .7 focal reducer for it. However I've made sure I've reflected this in the EKOS profile before I connect to the StellarMate where you setup the main and guide scope settings. Plate solving is mostly working too, so to me this doesn't describe the vastly wrong mount movements KStars/EKOS is making now.

Can anyone help out with what the issue is as I had this being reliable with v2.9.8 and the v3.x upgrade has made it the exact opposite.

Alternatively, how do I "downgrade" my Stellarmate to v2.9.8 as some of the features in v3 look nice, but this mount problem makes using it for the time being untenable. The base image for my StellarMate is v2.9.6 and when I do an upgrade it moves it to "kstars-bleeding" and doesn't give me the option in the update GUI to select which version of KStars to upgrade too.

Link to all the logs, screen shots of KStars and EKOS, as well a physical shots of my mount to further explain the issue are below.

Thanks in advance folks. Craig


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Would an answer be perhaps to have two Stellarmate’s (raspberry pi’s), one for each scope doing camera and focuser control, but one also has an addition being the guide camera attached. Reason is that I thought I read somewhere where you could chain instances of INDI together, that was controlled by the same client. Is this correct though folks?