Craig replied to the topic 'StellarMate not plate solving and timing out' in the forum. 6 days ago

My other problem is that, on a Mac, every time EKOS goes to take an image in the solving tab, I have this stupid 30-90sec lockup problem on the Mac. I get the "spinning ball of death" for 30-60secs....and once it clears it then takes the image and solves. But this timeout is a massive PITA, especially if your using the scheduler and have multiple solves for multiple panels. This has been happening in EKOS for the last few versions now. I hope v3.3.6 resovles this problem.

If someone could help me figure why EKOS does this on a Mac, I'd move off using the StellarMate for solving.

However that said, again, StellarMate used to solve (a) pretty consistently and (b) in far less time than its taking now.