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I believe this is still trying ot be worked out. the current solution for the time being is to create multiple jobs in the scheduler for the same target and set it to force realignment on every job. This way it will constantly realign during the night. Not perfect but it works for now. 


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I have a friend who is interested in trying out kstars/ekos but the only issue is that he has a windows laptop. As far as I know I dont think INDI works on windows. If he were to use kstars/ekos then how would he do that? he already has ASCOM installed with the drivers, would he have to use that in some way?

Thank you! 


I am having issues with the meridian flip. I m on the latest stable release and have had this issue happen every night so far.

Once a meridian flip is performed it looks like the solver captures and solves. After that nothing happens, it just says "flip complete" and it seems to be stuck right there with the loading icon going around.

I have not been able to really figure out what the issue is. Is there a setting that could be interfering with this?

I can pull logs tomorrow, I just restarted kstars/ekos to continue to capture.



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Simple idea/request here that I do not think is implemented. I understand this may be easier said than done.

As I start to use the scheduler more I find myself having to type in the coordinates every time I use it. I understand I can save the scheduler, however, I would want it to just save the target name and coordinates by itself. This way I can easily choose which target I want and then load my specific sequence as well. Just a small change but something to help speed up the process. I am usually out imaging the same target/coordinates multiple times per month and I keep having to save the coordinates elsewhere. Maybe this is already implemented. If so then I am sorry!



Couldn't you have the image load it into the fits viewer as a 2x2 bin essentially cutting the file size in half? I know this is almost the same thing as creating a jpeg, but just an idea if people want to keep the raw data in the fits viewer.


Thanks Hy! I will keep it as is now and change it as I need it. If you ever change the code let me know! Most of my filters right now are parfocal so its not a huge issue!


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This data took me a bit over 3 weeks to accumulate. It is a total of about 33 hours.

147 x 300" Ha
100 x 300" SII
140 x 300" OIII

Equipment is in my signature.

I honestly expected much more out of this data. I am actually quite upset. It is definitely lacking somewhere. I do not know where it is lacking. I cannot pin point it, but I am not totally happy with it. I have been playing around in PI but still struggle with the data.

Ultimately I am going to keep this data. It will be great to add onto. There is SO much faint nebulosity around this object and I would love to have hours more integration to bring it all out. Eventually I will get better at PI and editing as well. Enjoy!


You hit the nail on the head! Exactly what I was saying. Glad to make the suggestion. I often forget to change the filter in those tabs so it does happen often. I turned off refocus on filter change for that reason as well.