I am usually one to work on one filter a night, however, with LRGB that changes and I will usually try to do all of them in one session.

I noticed yesterday when stacking that my light frames are not aligned with my flat frames.

I am not sure if this is a result of a faulty EFW or not but it's like the filters aren't returning to the same position. I have no way to tell that really unless I am looking at my flat frames and lights next to each other.

The flats were taken before the session if that info helps at all. In the meantime I am going to contact ZWO



Watchdog driver worked. I noticed that ksatrs/ekos crashed so I went outside and the mount was in the process of parking. This makes me feel MUCH better. Thank you for implementing this and thank you for letting me know about it! Worked perfectly!

- Dan


Daniel DeSclafani replied to the topic 'Dithering....' in the forum. 4 days ago

Yes you are correct, just trying to think of anything else it could possibly be. Weird that it is happening regardless of your settings.


Daniel DeSclafani replied to the topic 'Dithering....' in the forum. 5 days ago

Quick observation, sorry if you went over this already. It looks like you have the guiding deviation selected on the capture module. What do you have it set too? It seems like every time you go to dither the threshold you have set for guiding deviation is exceeded. This in turn will deactivate guiding and I believe also dithering since it is in the same module.

Go into your capture module, what is the guiding deviation set at?(Its on the bottom right and has a checkbox)


Thats awesome! On a side not, how are you liking the Ioptron? I want to go with a CEM70 in the future.


sonny486 wrote: What focuser do you have? On my moonlight CRL I see some backlash, but your focuser plots look dead on (no backlash at all). Looks excellent!

Have you tried adjusting the backlash setting? Just because the plot looks good does not mean they have ZEO backlash. You set the backlash accordingly and your plot should like theirs. A focuser with improper backlash settings will show readings all over like a scatter plot.

If anyone else has anything to add or has to correct me please do so, however, that is how I understand the focus module and the plot.


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QHY found a way to unlock it through hardware. You are correct that ZWO does not offer this. Some people are speculating they may do it in the future and will require sending the camera back in. Bummer because the ZWO integrated USB hub is awesome. Wish QHY did that.


Thanks Knro! Yes, I am using the stable release. I had no idea there was a driver like that. I have it set up now. I won't be able to test, I will be away, however I am sure it will work. Thanks for the concern and reply. When I test it out I will report back. I will also make sure I update as well as soon as it is released.


I think I found the issue, however, I do not know how to solve it.

I am using the scheduler to do all of my imaging now.

Earlier this morning(or yesterday morning) when I opened up VNC viewer I noticed Kstars/Ekos was not open/running. That's when I went to check on my scope and discovered it crashed into the tripod.

Well tonight I decided to stay up with my imaging system just to check things over. I have it up in VNC and I look over, as I look over I notice Kstars/Ekos just shut down. The application itself, not Stellarmate OS. The RPi4 was still on and running.

I opened Kstars/Ekos back up and it detected Indi and asked if I wanted to shut it down.

I wasn't touching anything at the time, just watching it to check up on things. Seems like that's what happened last night and it just kept tracking while Kstars/ekos was shut down, causing the imaging train to hit the tripod.

I want to post logs but I am having issues with that as well. There are no logs being reported despite having my settings all set correctly and activating logs on the indi tabs.

Not a big deal as I am sure we will get to the bottom of this. I wonder if it has to do with the PPBA I am using.