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I would like to have your opinion ona problem I had last week.
I use astroberry (Kstars/Ekos/Indi) on a Raspberry PI 4
I wanted to do a session of EKOS with 540x light(10s) 100x dark(10s), 60x light(120s) and 30x(120s) dark.
The job was done.

But written files didn't match the sequence. I explain.
On the micro SD Card I have only 478 images (10s), only one image (120s), only one dark (10s) and only one dark (120s) !!

I don't understand why I don't have all files written on the micro SD card.
Since the 478 image, EKOS saves following images with the same name. And for following sequences it use the same name to different step of the sequence. Ex: to the sequence of 60x light, all the saved files had the same name "".

If you want, I made a transfert wih some screenshots, the log file and the analyze file: Exemple File:

I hope my explaination is understantable.

Have you ever encountered the same problem ?

Do you have any idea to the reason of this problem ?