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Pleides. Newton 200mm - F/4. Camera: Sony ILCE-6300, 1600 ISO, 25 images of 30 seconds, stacked with Nebulosity-4. Sky conditions: Slightly hazy, Moon disturbed somewhat.
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Good afternoon

Just to report in this forum that this weekend I could install the INDIserver on the Raspberry PI 3 without any problem. Here is the setup I currently could validate:

  • Raspbian "Jessie", latest release from Raspberry Pi site. I started "from zero" with the minimum image
  • SD card 8 GB (will expand to 32 GB later
  • tightvnc server, latest version
  • packages "lightdm" and "lxde" to add Xserver capabilities
  • INDIServer 1.2.0 from this site, installed as documented
  • lin-guider, installed as documented for the LodeStar X2

At this moment I cannot give all the install details, but if somebody is interested, please let me know.

I use the following devices:
  • ATIK 383 L+ BW CCD (INDI)
  • EQMod for NEQ6 Pro, cable version (INDI)
  • LodeStar X2 guider (INDI or lin-guider, both works)

My observations are that the RPI 3 is faster, both in processing as in communication with WiFi. Download time for a 2x2 binned image from the ATIK 383 L+ is about 40% shorter that for the RPI2 with WiFi USB dongle.

Attention: The RPI3 really uses more than 2 amperes of current, so an ordinary 5V power supply sometimes is not sufficient: you will see the red LED on the board blinking if the power is insufficient.
Furthermore I could even activate the Bluetooth option. Not necessary to install any package, the device is already active at bootup.

One other hint: Attention with the WiFi: By default power saving is active, so after a couple of minutes the connection (ex: ssh or vnc) will be lost. Power saving can be switched off, just like the RPI2 with an USB dongle.

Finally I recommend this new RPI3 for astro work. It is worth it.

I hope that these comments are helpful for you. Please contact me, maybe I can be helpful

All the best and clear skies from Andorra