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Very, VERY interested in learning if and how well Stellarmate OS and Kstars/Ekos runs with the new PI 4. This is exactly the upgrade I've been waiting for - REALLY hope SM OS plays well with it. Also would be HUGE if we could now run Ekos smoothly on the PI instead of remotely - man would that be great!

...Eagerly awaiting news and reviews!


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Stash, you beat me to it!

I just found Astrotoaster and was about to share what I found here. Other than not being built into Ekos, Astrotoaster seems like it's exactly what I am looking for and looks very promising. I'm going to try it out the next clear night I'm out (in about two to four months the way the weather's been lately, grrr) and I'll post how well (or not) it works. Since it sounds like you've already used it, perhaps you you can share your thoughts on it?

Here is the download link to Astrotoaster:


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Back in my Meade DSI CCD imaging days, the Meade software featured automatic live still-frame stacking (as well as saving the individual frames). It was magical how a faint DSO would slowly grow and appear on my laptop screen while sitting outside shooting and it inspired me to keep shooting more frames, adding more time. It REALLY added interest and fun to what can otherwise be a rather boring process of capturing still frames. I think it would be a fantastic addition if live stacking were added!


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FWIW: I am running the latest versions of INDI (Stellarmate OS), Kstars/Ekos and my QHY 5L-II-M is working perfectly with it - just had it running last weekend.


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DOH! Link is generating: ERROR: You are not authorized to view this resource.


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alacant wrote: Hi
Make sure you have write set on:

Linux noob here. No idea how to do that. I assume you're referring to having write permissions?


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How do you save settings in the INDI Control Panel? Every time I launch or reboot my system I have to go back in and set specifics (mostly for my Canon T3i DSLR) such as enable preview, set mirror lock time, upload preference, set streaming encoder, etc.. The "Save Configuration" under the Options tab does not save these settings and having to change them every time (and hope I didn't forget any) is tedious and a waste of valuable imaging time.


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So are you saying that in order to upgrade to SM OS 1.4, we have to essentially start from scratch - rebuilding hardware profiles, and re-configuring the system again?


I may have finally figured out the solution for one of the last big hurdles I've been having with SM/Kstars/Ekos system: VERY slow image preview speeds and networking instability. Solution: I had to go old school - Ethernet.

I run two RPI 3B's distributed - one for guide cam and mount control, the second PI for the main camera, a Canon T3i/600D. These are networked to my laptop using a dedicated router (no Internet). I had been using WiFi to connect everything but was having LOTS of issues with the SM Indi Servers losing their network connection and Ekos crashing as a result, poor guiding, and to me, the worst was terribly slow speeds previewing images as they're shot during a sequence - 45-60 seconds between each shot of a sequence as the preview is downloaded to my laptop. Combine all this and the system was/is unusable. VERY disappointing and frustrating.

BUT, I know this system can work and Ekos has features/functions I like MUCH better than anything else out there. So, determined to figure this out and after TONS (more) of research, I have come to the conclusion the base-cause for my problems must be poor network performance, I had simply run out of configuration settings to tweak in Ekos. After some digging, sure enough, I learned the built-in WiFi on a RPI 3B is not up to this job - even when using two PIs. Given my to-date overall lack of success using SM/Kstars/Ekos, I did not want to throw ANY more money into it by buying a USB WiFi w/antenna or USB ethernet adapter. That only left the built in Ethernet to experiment with. Why not? Let's give it a try. After wiring it all up and updating configuration files, I got the system up and running 100% for "bench" testing.

So far, I see an immediate HUGE performance improvement!! The entire system is much quicker to respond. It's too early to say conclusively that I solved all my problems at last, until I get under the stars and give her a real test, but it's never ran this well in the six months I've been working with SM/Kstars/Ekos. Not one crash or network drop yet, much more stable. The best part though is image previewing now works well. REALLY well!! Instead of a shot once a minute, now it's about one every 7 seconds - a WORLD of difference and VERY usable whereas before, I simply could not live with the long delay between each and every shot. Live video is just shy of an instantaneous, live stream now too, instead of choppy and delayed.

I don't mind saying it's been a real battle getting SM/Kstars/Ekos to work. I've been working with it for over six months with not one astro photo to show for it. There's been more than one time I was about to give up. But I love a challenge and believe in the future and potential of this project. Ekos is POWERFUL. If this is my last big hurdle and I can finally start using it instead of always going back to APT (which I like VERY much BTW), the six+ months of research, learning, trial and error, learning more, researching more, building, and endless tweaking/configuring, will be worth it.

Here's hoping for some clear skies soon, I'm psyched!!


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I did not thing instantaneous previewing would be possible under ANY networked setup. It's good to know it can be done. So your mini PCs are connected directly to the mesh device with CAT5 Ethernet cables, and the laptop uses WiFi to connect to the router? Is that correct?