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Thanks for your answer Jasem,

I suppose the whole Ekos is a block in terms of programming. So, why not "pthread" it so each time you connect to a new indiserver, you start a new instance of Ekos. As for the data, you just store them in a folder, the name of the folder being the address of the indiserver. So, Ekos_1 stores in /home/user/.local/kstars/fedberry_1, ..., Ekos_n stores in /home/user/.local/kstars/fedberry_n.

Thanks for your time.



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One other solution would be to create four different accounts each account launching one instance of Kstars. On the client side, you switch between accounts with ctrlaltF2 ctrlaltF3, etc... ctrlaltF1 bringinig you back to GDM.

The scheduler being unique, you create one master and three slaves, the slaves being simply a symlink to the master scheduler file. Also the four indiservers on the four Raspis take sync to the Kstars computer through chronyd and the Kstars clients update the indiservers except for the time. a small GPS module gives the exact time and location.

A bit heavy, but it should work. Not sure I'm crystal clear myself ;)


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Hello Jaseem,

First of all, a big thank you to you all for this fantastic suite of yours (Kstars/Indi/Ekos).
Even if this is the first time I'm posting here, I've been using it for decades (Kstars first in RedHat 7 or 8 ) and for years for INDI/Ekos.

Now here's an idea, I hope not so silly, about one purpose I'm trying to achieve. My idea is to manage 4 telescopes (identical) with a single (client) computer.

Reasons are :
- Power consumption. I have only a 800/1000 peak Watts generator on site, so (60W*4 for the mounts) + (100W*4 for the laptops) + accessories (4*Raspis, 1 router, red lights etc...) Well it's too close to the limit of the generator and a bigger generator means more weight (much more actually, from 12kgs to 33).

- 4 times more light gathered with four scopes while you only move the weight of ONE Scope at a time.
( Don't laugh, you'll see when you're 62 :) ) It's getting very interesting with 4 C11 ie...)

- It's also interesting in a club where several members use the same scopes/mounts.

So far, I can manage several scopes, as long as the mounts are different. I tried one Losmandy + one EQmod and it seems promissing. But if I try with 2 Losmandys or 2 EQmods, then it's game over :(

So here comes my asking: Would it be possible to give something like a simple index to an indi_* module so we can start several of them and address them all in one Kstars ?
Something like: ln -s /usr/bin/indi_simulator_telescope /usr/bin/indi_simulator_telescope1
ln -s /usr/bin/indi_simulator_telescope /usr/bin/indi_simulator_telescope2
indiserver -v indi_simulator_telescope1 indi_simulator_telescope2 ... ...

then in Kstars, click right and you find your 2 scopes in the menu... QED.

Well, I'm aware it's not that simple :) You also need to be able to switch the mount in Ekos, etc...

Thanks for listening! Or am I really crazy ?